How to force bi-directional relationship in DAX query

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Hi all,

I'm writing a DAX query in SSRS that requires data from multiple tables (1 fact and 2 dimensions) in a SSAS Tabular Model
The model is basic using only 1-n single-direction relationships.
For my query to work I need to adapt one of these relationships to bi-directional. I don't want to alter my Tabular model, because of the impact it might have on other processes (eg circular relations)

How can I force my dax query hereunder to use a bi-directional relationship between dim1 and dim2.
How it is now: Dim1 ---> Fact1 <--- Dim2
How I want it to act: Dim1 ---> Fact1 <---> Dim2

FILTER ( ...),
"Measure1", [Measure1]



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  1. Alexei Stoyanovsky 3,326 Reputation points

    What you are probably trying to do is to calculate some measure off Dim2's data while filtering/slicing it by Dim1 (and perhaps by Fact1). Logically, this turns Dim2 into Fact2, so your model becomes Dim1 ---> Fact1 <--- Dim2 <-1:1-> Fact2. And this begs the original tabular M2M solution of adding Fact1 as a filter to the calculation, capitalizing on the table expansion feature.

  2. Lukas Yu -MSFT 5,796 Reputation points


    For this we need to define a new measure which have CROSSFILTER on both direction in Fact1 and Dim2.
    For example :

    MeasureBi = CALCULATE([Measure1], CROSSFILTER(Fact1[Key2],Dim2[Key2],both))   

    Then, use this measure in your new table

    FILTER ( ...),  
    "Measure", [MeasureBi]  

    Reference :

    Avoid bidirectional relationships (brute force method)

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