Script Generator via SMO and C#

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Hi I would like to produce SQL Data Script via SMO with C#

  1. I am trying first to generate data script with one table. And i need to produce only insert script with a few rows only of a table , not all table data. How add filter ? like a primary key id or something ?
  2. My code is very slow when try to execute scripter.EnumScript , why ? how can make it better ?

My code :

        public string GenerateSqlScript(bool includeData) {
            Server server = new Server(@"" + DBMain.ConnDetails.Server);
            Database database = server.Databases[DBMain.ConnDetails.Catalog];
            List<Urn> list = new List<Urn>();

            DataTable dataTable = database.EnumObjects(DatabaseObjectTypes.Table);

            List<Table> tableList = new List<Table>();

            foreach (DataRow row in dataTable.Rows) {
                if(row.ItemArray[2].ToString()== "myTable")
                   list.Add(new Urn((string)row["Urn"]));

            Scripter scripter = new Scripter();
            scripter.Server = server;
            scripter.Options.IncludeDatabaseContext = false;
            scripter.Options.IncludeHeaders = true;
            scripter.Options.SchemaQualify = true;
            scripter.Options.ScriptData = includeData;
            scripter.Options.SchemaQualifyForeignKeysReferences = true;
            scripter.Options.NoCollation = true;
            scripter.Options.DriAllConstraints = true;
            scripter.Options.DriAll = true;
            scripter.Options.DriAllKeys = true;
            scripter.Options.Triggers = true;
            scripter.Options.DriIndexes = true;
            scripter.Options.ClusteredIndexes = true;
            scripter.Options.NonClusteredIndexes = true;
            scripter.Options.ToFileOnly = false;
            //this is very slow...
            var scripts = scripter.EnumScript(list.ToArray());

            string result = "";
            foreach (var script in scripts)
                result += script + Environment.NewLine;
            return result;
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    with a few rows only of a table , not all table data. How add filter ?

    There is no option to add a filter, the data script generator create INSERTS for all data in the table. If you want to limit it, create a view with all columns and a filter on the data.

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