Replace a Cursor to For Each loop for SSIS package

Eng Soon Cheah 81 Reputation points

Hi all,
I'm new to SSIS, currently I facing issue when create a SSIS Package by using Cursor.
Here with the Cursor I written

   use TestDB  
       DECLARE @storedprocedure_name varchar(100)  
       DECLARE @cmd VARCHAR(4000)  
       DECLARE @FilePath varchar(100)  
       DECLARE @FileNames varchar(100)  
       SELECT CommandText,FilePath,FileNames FROM dbo.MultipleQuery  
       OPEN spCursor  
       FETCH NEXT FROM spCursor INTO @storedprocedure_name ,@FilePath,@FileNames  
       WHILE @@fetch_status = 0  
        SET @cmd = 'bcp "' +  
         @storedprocedure_name + '" queryout "' + @FilePath +@FileNames +'" -c -UTF8 -T -S'+@@SERVERNAME  
       PRINT @cmd  
       EXEC master..xp_cmdshell @cmd  
        FETCH NEXT FROM spCursor INTO @storedprocedure_name,@FilePath,@FileNames  
       CLOSE spCursor  
       DEALLOCATE spCursor  

Here with my sample DB,

Any suggestion to replace the Cursor in SSIS Package?

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  1. Monalv-MSFT 5,891 Reputation points

    Hi @Eng Soon Cheah ,

    We can use Execute SQL Task to execute the sql query in ssis package.

    Hope the following link and picture will be helpful:

    Replacing a SQL Cursor with SSIS


    Best Regards,


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