I am unable to register for AZ-900 with Pearson VUE


I'm attempting to book AZ-900 through Pearson VUE. When I follow the link from https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/az-900 after picking United Kingdom, when I arrive at https://examregistration.microsoft.com/ there is a Please hold... message which never goes away. In the browser's console I receive this error message

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at Object.n.validation.validateObservable (durandal?v=a0vZKzWYaGBzLgMdS_o-EUE8COS4YewbwEL12YxnyuY1:1)
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at a (base?v=vb1Wbi89RXrzIHCn3xmor5nL69FpNYMo3lRpeMh6MrU1:1)
at o.Fb.it [as za] (base?v=vb1Wbi89RXrzIHCn3xmor5nL69FpNYMo3lRpeMh6MrU1:1)
at Function.notifySubscribers (base?v=vb1Wbi89RXrzIHCn3xmor5nL69FpNYMo3lRpeMh6MrU1:1)
at Function.t.O (base?v=vb1Wbi89RXrzIHCn3xmor5nL69FpNYMo3lRpeMh6MrU1:1)
at Function.o.T.fn.<computed> [as push] (base?v=vb1Wbi89RXrzIHCn3xmor5nL69FpNYMo3lRpeMh6MrU1:1)
at Object.addRule (durandal?v=a0vZKzWYaGBzLgMdS_o-EUE8COS4YewbwEL12YxnyuY1:1)

I have tried Chrome and Edge (Chromium) on MacOS X Big Sur, along with Chrome on Windows 10. On my iPhone (Safari) I see a message which states "We can't access your profile to schedule your exam". I've tried hard refreshes and InPrivate browsing but to no avail. I reached out to Pearson VUE and they have asked me to ask here.

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    Microsoft Certification / Training is supported on their own forums. I'd try asking for help with exam scheduling / vouchers in dedicated forums here. (Participate\Ask A Question)
    Exams/Exam Registration/General Registration Questions
    Exams /Exam Registration and Scheduling/Scheduling with Pearson Vue
    Exams / Discounts/Vouchers/Special Offers / Event Offers

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