MMASetup-amd64.exe error when upgrading to 2006

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I tried to upgrade from 1910 to 2006 this morning on network 'S' (Just a naming convention for the purposes of this question). It failed with a file hash mismatch on file MMASetup-amd64.exe. When I looked at the file in the CMUStaging folder it had zero bytes.
Luckily we have two different networks. I was upgrading network 'S' first before I went on to network 'P'. Interestingly, when I looked the the CMUstaging area for Network 'P', MMASetup-amd64.exe had a non zero file size. So I will copy that file (and its x86 equivalent which was also zero bytes on network 'S') from network 'P' to network 'S' and retry the upgrade again tomorrow morning.
Why the difference? I downloaded the update files for network 'P' before MEMCM version 2010 was released. I downloaded the update files for network 'S' the day AFTER MEMCM version 2010 was released. Microsoft already knows it has a problem with these files:
So it appears that someone stuffed up.
My question is, if a version upgrade to MEMCM fails at any point, does it back out all changes neatly? In my case it failed at the Install files section. This was after it had upgraded the DB. CMUpdate.log appears to indicate that the DB upgrade was backed out.
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    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Q&A forum.

    1.Before we upgrade our site server and data base,It is better to back it up to prevent data loss in our site database.

    2.What does "CMUpdate.log appears to indicate that the DB upgrade was backed out" means?

    Have a good day!

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  2. David Zemdegs 1,561 Reputation points
    1. Before Microsoft releases version update files they need to do better testing
    2. The entries in the cmupdate.log say things like 'successfully reverted SQL function' and 'successfully restored DB schema'

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    Is there any recommendation to those of us who don't have a second server to pull the file from? I'm missing MMASetup-amd64.exe and failing to update from 2107.

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