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Eddy Horsting 1 Reputation point

We use FSLogix Profile Container and FSLogix Office container, however we see some strange behavior in sizing.

There are numerous users with both Profile Container and Office container vhdx files >20GB.
However, when I check the userfolder on the users virtual Desktop it adds up to for example 13GB.

How is this possible? Is there data in the container which is not used? I thought it was somehow redirected so I would suspect the size of the userfolder equal to the size of both FSLogix Virtual Drives (or less since some folders stay local)...

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  1. Andy YOU 3,071 Reputation points

    your current “problem” comes when that data is deleted because the file disk size will remain the same and that previously used space will not be reclaimed. This is not an FSLogix issue and that is part of the maintenance that you need do with any application that uses Dynamic disks in order to remove empty blocks from a dynamically-expanding virtual hard disk file." so it is normal. we can refer below document .
    My storage is running out of space because of FSLogix!

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  2. Eddy Horsting 1 Reputation point

    That is a very unsatisfactory answer.

    We use dynamic sizing for FSLogix. We have plenty of users with <5GB profile disks.
    I think FSLogix should resize the disk when something is removed.

    This way (with all other issues still not fixed) it is a half baked product.

    There was 1100GB (!!) added in 3 days suddenly on our fsl-office storage and we can not really pinpoint why since no changes have been made to our environment.

  3. Eddy Horsting 1 Reputation point

    I found some tools to shrink the files.

    In FSLogix I can use exclusions but that only applies to Profile containers, not Office containers.

    If in the FSlogix Office GPO I deselect Teams., will it then be redirected to the Profile container where I can exclude this specific Teams folder?
    This would be a solution to get rid of the growth.

    What does SOF mean? I installed Teams with the allusers option so it uses the executable in Program Files, not local appdata.

  4. Fredrik Endresen 91 Reputation points


    Have you tried to run this excellent tool/script by Jim Moyle?


    It reclaim whitespace inside the disks. Have seen disks get shrinked by more than 50%..


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