Azure Deployment scripts and resource manager

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I'm trying to deploy a few azure resources using a linked template. One of the resources is a deployment script (see and example here

In my case, I'm creating a user assigned managed identity (as required for deployment scripts) early in the linked template, and then passing that on to the deployment script. I get a DeploymentScriptOperationFailed error with a fairly unhelpful message. Something like:

Resource Provider has encountered an internal server error. Diagnostic information: timestamp '2020-12-08 00:06:22Z', request ID '27ec0952-4b16-4be6-8375-f35be1e52fa0', request correlation ID '83e8d152-8ba6-4a5d-857a-67f3d48adf09'.

The deployment keep retrying and subsequent errors give an InternalServerError, with an equally unhelpful message:

Encountered internal server error. Diagnostic information: timestamp '20201208T001103Z', subscription id <hidden>, tracking id '8aa2fcde-f2d9-4901-8193-229ff73078dc', request correlation id '83e8d152-8ba6-4a5d-857a-67f3d48adf09'.

Any ideas?

P.S. I don't know what the appropriate tags are for azure resource manager or deployment scripts...tagging managed identity since that might be involved...

Azure Cloud Services
Azure Cloud Services
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Microsoft Entra ID
Microsoft Entra ID
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    One of my colleagues happened to figure out that we were hitting our core quota for the region I was trying to deploy into.

    Switched to a different region and that seemed to do the trick. Not sure this will be the case others with this error signature but might as well leave it here in case it helps someone else.

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