Windows 10 deletes my WiFi-Profile

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We've got a WiFi-profile pushed through Endpoint Manager. The profile works perfectly fine and is applied to all our machines. We also have a Guest-WiFi which requires the user to "Accept terms" for that connection in the browser. This one opens automatically after choosing the WiFi. The clients are onboarded with this Guest-WiFi, so that Guest-WiFi profile is created already. Our main wifi-connection is applied to the client later.

What happens is that some how Windows 10 decides to delete our WiFi-profile and automatically just keep the Guest-WiFi. To fix it we have to plug in a ethernet cable for the device to return or get the WiFi policy or profile again. The big problem we have with this is that the clients are in Kiosk mode, so they cannot actually press the network icon in Windows. The "Accept terms" page on the Guest-WiFi which they are connected to when Windows deletes our original profile, is not opened automatically so the client has no internet.

Event log only says:
08:30:01- WIFIconfigurationwlan deleted node .... (our network name)
08:30:31 - Tried to connect without network profile
08:31:01 - Connected to guest wifi succeded with profile

Any suggestions?

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