Where can I view my completed modules/learning paths

Hunter Heard 1 Reputation point

How can I view the learning paths or modules that I have completed? How can I view the badges that I have earned?
Does losing a subscription mean losing module or learning path progress?
My subscription ID I lost on the 5th: 553fd52b-47d8-4af1-9729-5f38c8488706

I've been trying to learn the Azure Fundamentals certification, and have been following the learning paths for that.

For awhile I had stopped, but I just tried to start again today and it looks like all my progress for all the learning paths is gone. I still have my XP from when I completed them, though. Also, my profile says I have 5 badges, but I can't see what they are.
There is no way for me to view my badges, my completed modules, my completed learning paths, or where my XP came from, so I'm not sure if my progress was deleted or if the learning paths/modules were replaced with different ones.
On my profile, when I click Activity, it shows nothing. When I click Challenges, it shows nothing. When I click Achievements, it shows nothing.

Did the learning paths for Azure Fundamentals change recently? Did the website undergo some changes recently regarding learning paths?


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  1. martin young 16 Reputation points

    Hello!!! I found it!!!
    Go to your user button at top-right of screen.
    click Settings
    Click on the badge number
    Click on Achievements!!!

    these are all completed paths and modules currently. 147205-findacheviements.png

    I feel accomplished :)

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  2. Dave Patrick 426.3K Reputation points MVP

    Microsoft Certification / Training is supported on their own forums. I'd logon here with same credentials used for testing
    your Microsoft Certification dashboard

    and if not found you can request help with profile linking / merge in dedicated forums here. (Participate\Ask A Question)
    Certification Profile/Certification Dashboard
    Certification Profile/Incorrect/Missing Information
    Certification Profile/MCID Assistance
    Certification Profile/Account Linking

    --please don't forget to Accept as answer if the reply is helpful--

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  3. Hunter Heard 1 Reputation point

    Hello, DSPatrick. Thank you for replying to me.
    Commenting on your answer isn't working, so I'm writing another answer to respond to you.

    I went to the first link you provided (https://trainingsupport.microsoft.com/en-us/) and searched for my issue and found this thread:
    And the only response was a moderator telling them to go elsewhere with their question. They link here (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/support/troubleshooting) and tell you to use the troubleshooting guide or provide feedback. I've already done that, and they specifically say that they are not responding to feedback at this time, so there is no way I will be able to get help from there.
    I've seen several questions like mine at the link you gave, and every one I've looked at has no help or issue resolved except for a moderator telling them that that is the wrong forum for the question and to go to that same troubleshooting place.

    So it seems to me that there is no forum where we can talk about this issue. I've put in feedback for the problem, but since they won't reply, that isn't going to help me, either.
    I don't think there's a place where I can get help on this issue. I've already given feedback at the appropriate place. I would like to be able to discuss the issue with other users on a forum, but it looks like both this forum and the forum you linked have people saying this problem isn't the right problem for their forum.

  4. Alexander Bayliss (Student) 1 Reputation point

    Possibly Excel? or as a alternative you could email to a friend or group with details of your editing presences for them to edit.

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  5. martin young 16 Reputation points

    Hello All,

    The closest I can find to seeing the 'completed' modules/paths is if you navigate to the "Learn on your own schedule" box at the bottom of the Learn page


    Then you will see a 'completed' on each of the courses/modules. But I havent seen any way to filter all the 'completed' modules. It doesn't seem to be a feature of the site.

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