Azure Subscription Canceled Due to Suspicious Activity


Yesterday I got an email saying that my azure subscription had been disabled due to suspicious activity and a violation of the terms of service and to email them if I thought it was in error. After emailing them, they got back to me and said that they were going to keep my account deactivated, without any explanation for why. The only thing that I can think of that could possibly caused this is trying to mine cryptocurrency on a virtual machine, which I guess could seem suspicous if they thought that someone else was accessing my VM in order to mine crypto, but it was me. What should I do? Is there anyone that can give me any more info?

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    Act now or your Azure subscription will be disabled

    To protect customer security, we perform routine audits of all Azure subscriptions. During one of these audits, we identified suspicious activity in your subscription, a9d7de0e-1309-4ed9-bbea-676bcfa00cc1, that violates the Microsoft Acceptable Use Policy. Unless this activity is accounted for, this subscription will be disabled.

    To resolve this issue and prevent your subscription from being disabled, use the link below to create a support ticket. Once your ticket has been created, a representative from the Account Review team will respond within two hours to help you resolve this issue. Be prepared to verify your account details and review the suspicious activity.