any way to get the name of current query ?


any way to get the name of current query ?

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  1. Lz._ 8,806 Reputation points

    Hi @娘子依旧每日折一支杨柳

    As far as I know the answer is No. EDIT: found out an old thread where Imke (a M master) says this isn't possible

    '#shared and #sections provide the following info.:



    If you ask this question I guess there's a need behind it. If you provide more information, a context and what you actually expect to ultimately accomplish, maybe there's a solution...

    FYI: Your context/need is probably different... in How to retrieve self (this) query name? the OP found a solution to his problem whilst the initial question was the same

    Hope this helps and if this answers your question please mark this post as such to help others. Thanks + nice day...

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  1. 2020-12-11T07:02:22.073+00:00

    I want to make a scene like follow:
    in spliting a table ,I used a query called spinting-query for spliting it ,if I want to split the table 1 to 3 then I ctrl+c and ctrl+v it twice (all have 3) ,it works !
    now I need the name of current query for control the index for query,only this step ~~

    I have thinking about use the endless-loop error to confirm the name of current query ,but the endless-loop error is not catchable