Regarding identification of surround sound and atmos audio capabilities on UWP c# code on xbox

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I am developing UWP app in c# for xbox device. Where i need to identify atmos or surround sound audio capabilities.

I tried DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync(MediaDevice.GetAudioRenderSelector()) api to fetch audio render device. In this i am only getting Digital Output(Virtual Audio Device). After that i fetched device id of this listed device and passed in to SpatialAudioDeviceConfiguration spatialAudioDeviceOnfig = Windows.Media.Audio.SpatialAudioDeviceConfiguration.GetForDeviceId(strSetHere[DevicesBox.SelectedIndex - 1]); for fetching spatial audio configuration. And than checked SetDefaultSpatialAudioFormatResult format = await spatialAudioDeviceOnfig.SetDefaultSpatialAudioFormatAsync(SpatialAudioFormatSubtype.DolbyAtmosForHomeTheater); and SetDefaultSpatialAudioFormatResult formatSpeaker = await spatialAudioDeviceOnfig.SetDefaultSpatialAudioFormatAsync(SpatialAudioFormatSubtype.DolbyAtmosForSpeakers); for both it is returning accessDenied.

So in this post can anybody please help

  1. how to identify surround sound and atmos audio capabilities for UWP app(c# code) on xbox please.


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