My Custom Credentials Provider not working intermittently on Windows 10

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I have developed the Credential Provider using Microsoft Sample Code by using ICredentialProviderCredential and ICredentialProvider for the following case

The application running on the remote computer takes the credentials through socket communication.
The application passes to Credential Provider via shared memory IPC and notifies Credential Provider via an event
Credential Provider is installed and registered by the application at the time of application installation.

  1. Creating a thread in ICredentialProvider::Advise method to Poll for Credentials supplied by my application
  2. Once Credentials available pass it to HRESULT _InitCredentials

This works fine on Windows 7 but intermittently fails on Windows 10.
I have checked, my Credential Provider DLL is being correctly loaded by WinlogonUI everytime the machine is locked and there is no issue in shared memory and thread.

Please advise.

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