Microsoft Clarity - Do session recordings actually record what the visitor sees?

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Hi there,

I checked out the recent records on Microsoft Clarity for my website, and the absolute majority of them had huge issues with images not loading, fonts not loading, sitemap showing at the top of the page, etc.

I checked my website (WordPress, had a major update this week) and cleared all the caches.

After I cleared all the caches, I went back to the session recordings on Microsoft Clarity and the ones that looked like crap before now looked fine. Images loads, sitemap wasn't showing, etc.

Does Microsoft Clarity actually record what the user sees?

Since the recordings changed after I cleared the cache, my assumption now is that it only records certain stats like clicks, mouse movement, wait time, etc. Not how the page looked to the visitor.

If this is true, then Clarity is separately retrieving the contents of the page (and how it looks) during playback, instead of saving it during a recorded session, meaning we have no idea if the page actually looked fine during that session for the visitor.

Is this correct?

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