Configuring a dTPM chip on Raspberry pi running Windows IoT Core

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I am a beginner on all IoT related things. Hence, sorry in advance for all the experts I might annoy, and thanks for your patience.

I provisioned my rpi3 to azure with a simulated TPM. But now I've purchased a TPM SLM 9670 chip and attached it to the pi.
The goal is to use this TPM to provision the pi to Azure. So I followed the steps here

To break down my approach w.r.t link I was following,
Step 1 done.
Step 2,3 skipped as I'm using an rp3.
Step 4: "Based on your discrete TPM module of choice, identify its matching ACPI table here.".. I have no idea how to find a matching ACPI. So I did trial and error with every ACPITABL.dat file in the given repo (Step 5). Note that I already had a ACPITABL.dat in the system32 folder. I took a back up of that before replacing it with the ACPITABL.dat file from the repo.
Step 6 Done
Step 7 Done
Step 8 When I run t2t.exe -cap ERROR(0x8028400f): Tbsi_GetDeviceInfo() failed. (This happened for all the ACPITABL.dat files I copy pasted in Step 5). Replacing the original ACPITABL.dat file that was in the sys32 folder and running the t2t.exe -cap command results in the following.

TBS detected 2.0 simulated TPM (sTPM).

Any help is greatly appreciated

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