Powershell - Delete line from text file if it contains certain string

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Hello everyone,

I have script below which will delete a line that contains a certain string which works fine but it is extremely slow since file2 is big (over 50MB). To increase performance, how do I modify it to do:

  1. Delete only one line on first match (don't know if this will improve performance)
  2. file2 get's saved on every run which may cause performance issue?

Other ideas to improve performance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

foreach ($string in (Get-Content c:\strings.txt))


(Get-Content 'c:\file2.csv') -notmatch $string | Set-Content 'c:\file2.csv'


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  1. Tan Huynh 241 Reputation points

    I ended up using this script from another forum. Thanks.

    $Path = 'C:\file2.csv’
    $Content = [System.IO.File]::ReadAllLines($Path)
    foreach ($string in (Get-Content c:\strings.txt))
    $Content = $Content -replace $string,''
    $Content | Set-Content -Path $Path

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