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Nuget Packages needs to be restored.

Hi Everyone,
I did a fresh installation of Mac Os 10.13.6 and then I installed the visual studio 2017 on the Mac machine but after the installation I create a new project.when I opened that project I am getting the below error..
Nuget packages needs to be restored before building. Nuget MSbuild targets are missing and are needed for building. The nuget MSbuild target are generated when the nuget packages are restored

And when I click on the packages folder of the iOS and Android projects there was a yellow mark.on the packages..
Please help me to resolve the issue.

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macOS 10.13 will reach end of life in Jan 2021 (less than two months), so try to upgrade. Right click on the Packages node and you should see the menu items you wanted.

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Okay .. that's fine but as of now I need to run visual studio 2017 runnable which is not working.
So, can you please help me out to get rid out of this issue?

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@ShubhamAgrawal-9101 We strongly recommend you to upgrade macos and install visual studio 2019 , it could avoid many potential issues.

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