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error in method 'PushAudioInputStream_write', argument 2 of type '(TYPEMAP, SIZE)' while preparing stream for speech to text


I am trying to send stream to azure speech to text using the below logic

 def get_speechstream_text_async(self,stream):

         print('push shart')
         print('again end')
         print('push end')

         audio_config =
         speech_recognizer = speechsdk.SpeechRecognizer(speech_config=self.speech_config, audio_config=audio_config) ```

when i am trying the feed the stream i am getting this error
"error in method 'PushAudioInputStream_write', argument 2 of type '(TYPEMAP, SIZE)'"

Can someone please help on what is the issue here and how to pass to stream to get the speech to text

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Thanks for posting the question!

Azure Cognitive Service (Speech Service) is not yet been migrated to Microsoft Q&A. For a specialized assistance on this issue, please repost your question on either of the following forums:

We are actively working to onboard remaining Azure services on Microsoft Q&A.
We will make a public announcement once complete.

Want to learn more about new platform and the services which are currently onboarded, kindly checkout this FAQ- Microsoft Q&A Getting Started:

Apologies for any inconvenience. Thanks for understanding!

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Azure Speech Services will be supported on Microsoft Q&A in near future

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