(UWP) Cast to device from MediaPlayerElement not working

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I am having issues making Chromecast/Miracast working in my video player application.

Basic info:

What's wrong

  • I have two devices. My TV (Philips) and Xiaomi MiBox - both with Miracast and/or Chromecast support
  • I do use CastingDevicePicker object
  • CastingDevicePicker displays Philips TV, but does not display MiBox: http://prntscr.com/w2co53 (the 32FP... device is the Philips TV)
  • When I click the Philips TV item (32FP...) simply nothing happens

I've added some breakpoints to see if CastingPicker_CastingDeviceSelected event is triggered. It is not getting triggered.

I've also tried to Media casting with a custom device picker, however:

I'm getting Value does not fall within expected range exception when it tries to add found device to the list on line

 CastingDevice addedDevice = await CastingDevice.FromIdAsync(args.Id);  

Any ideas what's wrong or how to fix that/make casting working?

Edit: My colleague tested the solution with CastingDevicePicker. He has Samsung ue55mu6452u TV and the result is the same as on my Philips TV.

Edit 2: I am able to connect to display using Win+K shortcut and start screen casting.

Edit 3: Issue is gone when installed and switched to English (United states) OS display language. It persists when Czech Windows display language is used.

Another question: Is it possible to allow casting for DRM protected videos? (playready)

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