OneDrive error - You're already syncing a shortcut to a folder from this shared library

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I had to reset Windows 10 on my Azure AD-joined computer, after which I upgraded from 1909 to 20H2. I now have OneDrive Build 20.201.1005.0009. Since then, I've had trouble reconnecting to all the SharePoint folders I was syncing with. For example, I'm a member of a Team with multiple channels. I was able to sync with the Files directory in one channel, but now when I try to sync the files in the General channel, I get an error: "Sorry, we can't sync this folder. You're already syncing a shortcut to a folder from this shared library." I haven't been able to find any documentation on this error. When I look at the Account tab in OneDrive, the channel that I am syncing with doesn't show up, so I can't stop syncing that channel in an attempt to get the new one.

If I click "Add shortcut to OneDrive" instead of "Sync" in the SharePoint interface, I get "Sorry, we can't create a shortcut to General because you already have one to a folder inside it. Do you want to replace that shortcut with General?" [Note: As far as I know, I did not have a shortcut to a folder inside General.] I clicked the Replace button, and that put a shortcut to the SharePoint library inside my OneDrive folder. That's not what I wanted -- I wanted the traditional separation between my personal OneDrive folders and my company's SharePoint libraries.

I see that the "Add shortcut to OneDrive" option is a relatively new feature that has been rolled out to our tenant. Was it intended to replace the SharePoint library sync function, or should we be able to use both simultaneously?

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  1. David Schrag 351 Reputation points

    Update: After removing the newly-created shortcut from OneDrive, I was able to use the Sync feature in SharePoint.

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  1. Jess 11 Reputation points

    I couldn't find the file with any other response as they were all vague, so here is how I found it after trying and trying. Hopefully this will help someone!

    I found the file and this is how I did it (probably the long way, but it worked): **- go to "Local Disk

    • Users
    • Click the user account you use
    • There should be a "onedrive - [company name]" folder here. Find that and click it
    • In that folder, there will be a folder called "Documents" that has a little (-) symbol over the file icon. Delete this! (may be a good idea to make a copy of files just in case)**

    Then completely log out of OneDrive on your computer and quit the program. After that, re-sync the folder and it will work!

    This was my experience at least. Good luck!

  2. Mlventura 6 Reputation points

    I'm using a Mac as an fyi.

    First, I tried to replicate the create a short cut process by creating a short cut for another folder from my SharePoint to ensure that my short cut was actually created. It was, and the folder appeared in my OneDrive on my computer. After about a minute or so, I right-clicked on the folder and in the drop-down menu there was an option to "Remove Shortcut". I click this and it got rid of the folder.

    I couldn't match/find the prior folder that I'd created a short cut for, so I had right-click on each of my 30 or so folders until I found the correct folder. I clicked "Remove shortcut" and that solved the issue. I clicked "synch" on my SharePoint, and this just verified that I still wanted to synch the same item or create a new one. This would have driven me insane a two years ago.

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  3. Mission Critical Systems 6 Reputation points

    Using OneDrive for Business might not look like what is described. There's nobody called "OneDrive - My Files" for a start. Instead, go to your file explorer folder list under "OneDrive - <company name>" in File Explorer.

    Check for the name of your misbehaving SharePoint folder - if it's there with a "paused" (or maybe it means "broken") symbol like this (-) next to the name, that is what you have to get rid of. This is shown as a file folder (not a shortcut), but its actually the file folder sitting under your SharePoint local files, the one that has stopped syncing correctly.

    Be sure to save whatever you need to, just in case it really IS syncing and you have made a mistake, then delete the (-) folder by using right click / Remove Shortcut, and go back to SharePoint to SYNC and COPY LIBRARY ID again.

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  4. Joel Duinkerke 1 Reputation point

    Worked for me too. Thanks for sharing.

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