Azure Function Powershell Outputbinding to blob storage produces no output

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I Have a Azure Function written in PowerShell that is running a Query against a Database and Saving it into a object. (Yes it is getting a Result from the Query) I'm trying to Get it to Save that output as a Blob using a Output Binding. However it is not saving anything nor is it Producing any Errors from the Log Stream.

using namespace System.Net


"Hello $name!"

$ConnectionStr = 'connectionstring'
# $ConnectionStr = $env:sqldb_connection

$Query = 'SELECT *
     FROM [SalesLT].[ProductCategory]';

$testoutput = Invoke-Sqlcmd -ConnectionString $ConnectionStr -Query $Query
# $testoutput
$csvOutputTest = $testoutput | ConvertTo-Csv -NoTypeInformation
# $csvOutputTest
$testString = "Yo this is a string"
# $data = Get-Content $csvOutputTest
Write-Output outputBlob -Verbose
Write-Output "testing" -Verbose
# Out-File -FilePath $outputBlob -InputObject $csvOutputTest

Push-OutputBinding -Name resp -Value ([HttpResponseContext]@{
    StatusCode = [HttpStatusCode]::OK
    Body = "Hello"

Push-OutputBinding -Name Return -Value $csvOutputTest
# $csvOutputTest | Push-OutputBinding -name outputBlob

"bindings": [
"name": "name",
"type": "activityTrigger",
"direction": "in"
"name": "Return",
"path": "csvstorage/{rand-guid}",
"connection": "AzureWebJobsStorage",
"direction": "out",
"type": "blob"
"name": "resp",
"direction": "out",
"type": "http"

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Azure Blob Storage
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Azure Functions
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  1. Pramod Valavala 14,546 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Looking at the PowerShell worker code, this seems to not be supported just yet (non $return output bindings). Note that Durable Function support for PowerShell is still in preview.

    It would be best to open an issue on the PowerShell worker repo for a more insightful discussion.

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