SSIS: How to move file to other directory using "Azure Data Lake Store File System Task" on Gen1 Data Lake Storage?

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Hi All,

I'm using SSIS to connect to our DataLake Gen1 Storage environment.
I can connect to the DataLake, i can loop the files using a ForEachLoop Container and I can read the files and put the data in our SQL Server on Premise table.

Helas, once I've done with the file, I would like to put it in another "Archived" directory.
The only 2 options I see when using the "Azure Data Lake Store File System Task" are "CopyToADLS" or "CopyFromADLS".

How can I "MOVE" files to other directories?

I would be able to do it using the "Flexible File Task" that also comes with the Azure SSIS Components installation, but this seems to only support DataLake Gen2?

Can anybody help?


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  1. Ignace Van Buggenhout 1 Reputation point

    I added both options to the SQL Server Feedback link.

    I have further noting to update...

    So there is no solution, except for waiting and hoping these suggestions may make it into the next release of SQL Server?