Monitoring Nodejs application with Azure Application Insights

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We are trying to monitor a nodejs application through azure application insights. We are following MS docs - even after going though we don't find much luck as we don't see any of the application metrics like users / sessions in application insights.

Please can you guide us on the same.

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Azure Monitor
An Azure service that is used to collect, analyze, and act on telemetry data from Azure and on-premises environments.
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  1. kobulloc-MSFT 13,586 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Quick Note:
    If you are only missing some telemetry like users and sessions, make sure that you have client side code in addition to your server side code:

    How to get things working
    Here is the basic setup for a minimalistic Application Insights setup with Node.js:

    1. Quickstart: Create a Node.js web app in Azure
    2. Monitor your Node.js services and apps with Application Insights

    Key points:

    • Be sure to run: npm install applicationinsights --save
    • Be sure to include this in your code: let appInsights = require('applicationinsights');

    For this, I modified the line of code above using a great blog from Kenichiro Nakamura
    which has the following:

    const appInsights = require("applicationinsights");  

    Kenichiro's blog is a great resource and I would recommend reading it in addition to the documentation:

    You will see something like this:

    Screenshot of Nodejs hello world.png

    Screenshot of Application Insights telemetry.png

    If things aren't working out the way you expect them to, there is a troubleshooting guide for Application Insights that addresses many of the common issues:

    ASP.NET troubleshooting (includes some generic troubleshooting tips):

    If you are still running into issues, message us and let us know. We will ask you for some information so that we can further investigate things on our end.

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  2. Hao9008 1 Reputation point

    Hi @kobulloc-MSFT ,

    I try out the sample with a 3rd party logging component Winston. I saw a lot of statement showing that I need to setup appInsight even before I start to load any 3rd party component. Below is a piece of my code sample:


    1. imported the SDK
    2. setup the instrument key
    3. start the service for logging all the telemetry

    But I encountered issue such as the outgoing port unreachable:

    If I tried to add the endpoint URL:

    I will still encounter the same error, but with a different outgoing port IP.
    I look through the Microsoft doc and know that both IP is somehow related to the server outgoing port but I wasn't sure and understand what is the meaning of it. Would you mind explain a little bit of that.

    I would like to seek some advice from you as I have been facing this issue for months and still couldn't get any breakthrough. A lot of sample looks straightforward as how I did it but non of them show any information regarding the outgoing port unreachable issue.