migrating file server data to a new file server in a new forest

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we need to copy share and ntfs permissions from a file server in forest A to another new forest B and translate permissions to migrated users in forest B . we migrated all users from forest A to forest B with Sid History . we tried robocopy to achieve this , but robocopy seems to copy ntfs permissions only . what's the best way to achieve this ?


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  1. Mico Mi 1,921 Reputation points

    Robocopy will not copy share permissions.
    To copy share permissions, please try the following steps:

    1. On your old server, open Registry Editor.
      Right-click the Shares key and select “Export” it to a file and then copy the file you exported from the old server to the new server.
    2. Go to your new server and right-click the registry file and select “Merge”. All the share information will be imported to your new server. If the new server uses the same drive letter, then just restart the server.
    3. If the new server uses a different drive letter compared to the old server, you need to open Registry Editor:
      Double click the share and then locate the section labelled “path” and change the drive letter to the one of your new file server.
      (You will need to do this for each share that needs a change of drive location. Once completed, please restart the server again.)

    Also you can take a look at the solutions in the following thread which has similar problems as you:

    Thanks for your time!
    Best Regards,
    Mico Mi


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  2. Amr Khalil 6 Reputation points

    I believe the share permissions aren't tied to the files / folders themselves, they're kinda stored in the registry, so most file copy utilities can't get those.

    There are several "how to" guides online detailing how to "backup share permissions" by exporting the relevant registry keys, then importing them into another server, but most fail to mention that for that to work the new server has to be essentially identical to the old in terms of where the files are and what partitions they live on. Still, it's better than nothing.

    FYI - For non scripted / scheduled backup copy jobs, robocopy is not ideal. For the big one off copy job, find yourself a nice GUI based utility. Many of them don't even have to be installed and are every bit as powerful as robocopy.

    Here are some different tools, with a focus on speed, that will retain all the NTFS permissions, timestamps, ownership, etc, as an example you have SecureCopy, Gs RichCopy 360, Copyhandler and Carbonite

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