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Since ConfigMgr 1910 I have started using the automatic client upgrade. I have set 30 days for the devices to install the new client. About 75% were updated after this period. The others were left as "not compliant". After this period I wasn't able to find the cause in the logs of course. I have updated the rest using client push.

So, I have upgraded recently to 2006 with latest hotfix rollup and tried to track what's happening when promoting to production this time:

  • In PolicyAgent.log I can see the device receives the policy and downloads it.
  • In execmgr.log I can see that the execution request is being created and it waits for the next maintenance window:

Execution Request for advert ABCDEFG package GFEDCBA program Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Program state change from Ready to WaitingServiceWindow

When the next maintenance window starts, it kicks off:

Mandatory execution requested for program Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Program and advertisement ABCDEFG
Creating mandatory request for advert ABCDEFG , program Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Program, package GFEDCBA
CSoftwareDistPolicyMgr::GetPolicyFromWMIObject - Check if TS Policy
Device is not MDM enrolled yet. All workloads are managed by SCCM.
A duplicate execution request is found for program Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Program
CServiceWindowEventHandler::Execute - Received SERVICEWINDOWEVENT : END Event

I thought, hmm maybe it goes on at the next maintenance window, but no. Nothing happens anymore.
There is no manual deployment of the client. What is that duplicate execution request? It is driving me nuts!
The scheduled task is not being created.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

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    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Q&A forum.

    1. Did we check the ccmsetup.log and clientmsi.log on our client already? The core logs of our client installation in the agent is the ccmsetup.log and clientmsi.log. This ccm.log in the server logs, from the ccm.log we could see the start of the request made to the client and you can verify if the ccmsetup.exe service was able to successfully run on the targeted client machine.
    2. Could we see the Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Package on "not compliant" machine? In execmgr.log on the client, could we see the command line like this?
      "Running C:\WINDOWS\ccmcache\b\ccmsetup.exe" /AutoUpgrade /UpgradePackageVersion:3 with 32bitLauncher"

    For more details, please refer to this article:

    Have a nice day!

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    Hi @Fiona Yan-MSFT

    Thanks for your reply.

    1. Yes. This logs have not been triggered by the upgrade, nothing going on there since promoting to production. In ccm.log I can't see something either about client upgrades. But I thought there I just see client push installations?
    2. No. After A duplicate execution request is found for program Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Program nothing more goes on. And before that the line cannot be found either.

    Before writing this post I've troubleshooted using this blog you've mentioned. It is very helpful indeed but is not helping me anymore with my issue.