Having issues sending emails with our Outlook account through a CRM (customer resource manager).

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I am trying to send emails through the Jarjamedia.com system. I have our email account set up and am trying to send a mass email to about 60 people. None of the people received them that I'm aware of and there was nothing in my sent folder in the Outlook app. I tried sending another one and it went to 9 people, all the others came back undeliverable. One client emailed back and when I tried responding, I received an error ('Tricia Clark' on 12/14/2020 6:28 PM This message could not be sent. The client operation failed. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator). I had another email doing the same. I spoke to Jarja's customer support and they are saying that it's on the Outlook's side.

Exchange Server Management
Exchange Server Management
Exchange Server: A family of Microsoft client/server messaging and collaboration software.Management: The act or process of organizing, handling, directing or controlling something.
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