Chrome thinks we're in the Netherlands on RDS in Azure cloud

Rob Nicholson 61 Reputation points

I know exactly why this happens - Chrome is using the IP address and as the VM is in the Azure data centre in the Netherlands, IP locators set the location as there. I guess we could migrate to the new UK data centre but that seems a little OTT.

But Chrome isn't the only app that will check the public IP address so this will be a generic issue across all cloud based services. Is Microsoft addressing this? Is it possible to address? I guess apps would need to be re-coded to not use the IP address but some other Windows API call?

But is there a way to tell Chrome (as that's where it appears most) that we're actually in the UK?


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  1. Andreas Roed 1 Reputation point

    We have the same issue and is currently looking for a fix. Preferable via GPO. The user can somehow fix this by going to Settings > Search Settings > Region Settings

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  2. Rob Nicholson 61 Reputation points

    Thanks for this. With the increased use of desktops running in Azure out-of-country, this must be a pretty common requirement? It's going to need a way to "fake" your IP address to a specific country. Not an easy ask!

  3. Stefan Chyba 1 Reputation point

    Not only the Google Chrome Browser is the problem, but also the search results of Google and other search engines prefer dutch results. How to change the localization for an IP address? Important feature!

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  4. Rob Nicholson 41 Reputation points

    I guess some form of VPN might help. But web sites are increasingly blocking VPNs :-( But maybe the big commercial ones like Nord VPN.

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  5. Aleksander Wilberg 0 Reputation points


    Did anyone find a solution to this problem. We are looking into using Azure Resource Mover to move our VM to the region our company is operating in but are there any other methods?