Get 0xc00d36e6(MF_E_ATTRIBUTENOTFOUND) error via "MFSampleExtension_CaptureMetadata" attribute

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I wish my application can get Metadata from UVC image based on windows media foundation.
My image capture card had fill in timestamp information in the metadata field.

And my application development environment is win10, vs2015, and set "target platform version" as "10.0.14393.0"
the following is my testing code:

IMFAttributes *spMetadata;
hr = pSample->GetUnknown(MFSampleExtension_CaptureMetadata, IID_PPV_ARGS(&spMetadata));

It always return 0xc00d36e6(MF_E_ATTRIBUTENOTFOUND)

How can I do to fix the error and get correctly metedata?

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