How to use FSLogix in Offline Mode?

Kingpommes 6 Reputation points

As an example.

FSLogix currently works in our company flawlessly when the user is connected to the company internet and the profile is synced with the file server [where the profile container is stored]

But is it possible to use FSLogix Offline?

Use case:

The user is working at home [creating files at the desktop, download some data etc]

Then the user is back at the company and ofcourse we want to have the offline created data to be synced with the profile container from the file server.

Is that possible?

If yes, someone can tell me what I need to configure at the GPO's to having this worked?

What i have configured right now:

FSLogix->Profile Container->"Enabled, VHD Location and Delete local profile when FSLogix Profile should apply"

Thank you for all answers.. i hope ive defined my problem understandable

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  1. Jarian Gibson 6 Reputation points

    Have you tried this?

    Look at syncing Cloud Cache to Azure Files/Blob as one of the locations?

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  2. Karlie Weng 14,951 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello @Kingpommes

    "With Cloud Cache, you will now not be affected by offline sessions, it will continue with the cached data and as soon its online again it will update the original VHD with the new changes that happen offline."

    "The option of storing multiple copies of user profiles in different locations can also be used for offline operation. For this purpose, Profile Containers are not only stored on the network, but one of them is also placed locally. After re-establishing the connection, the other VHD(X) repositories are also updated with the latest content. In a configuration like this, FSLogix also replaces Windows offline files."

    Hope this information give you some inspiration.


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  3. Robin 1 Reputation point


    Did anyone ever set it up for the Offline usage?

    We have setup CCD with the first Location as localhost Folder and the second Location as a File Share.

    The User Logs in an on both Location the RW File is created. Everything works well so far.
    Now if the User goes Offline (went Home) while he is logged in, he will of course lose the Connection to the second Location.
    If he then logs off while only connected to one Location the RW File is correctly merged on the first Location (local).

    Now if the User goes Online again (back in the Office) and logs in the Profile will only be loaded in RO Mode, as the RW File on the second Location still exists and causes in the Logs the Error Message that the Chain is broken. To fix this we need to remove the RW File on the second Location, until that the User Profile stays in RO Mode.


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