Query on time changing for domain joined pcs

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Hi guys, have a customer environment with 5 servers all virtualised , with maybe 150 client pcs (very small)

Servers are Windows 2019 and clients are all Windows10

Since the time change in Ireland a few months ago they have noticed the time change on client pcs

DC is virtualised, whats best GPO to run here or is there another action I can do

Thanks in advance

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  1. Vicky Wang 2,591 Reputation points

    See what time the domain thinks it is:

    Net time /Domain:domain.name.fqdn
    I found this command useful as it was reported that three computers were all set at different times. I used the domain command and the following command to query all four devices for their time nearly simultaneously.

    See what time each computer says it is:

    Net time \computer-name
    After running the above commands, I found that one of the computers was about a minute and a half ahead of the others which were correctly pulling the domain time. It’s not enough of a difference to cause issues with Kerberos authentications but the computer is part of a fail-over system with logs that would have a hard time syncing up alarms with different timestamps.

    See where the computer is pulling its time from:

    W32tm /query /source
    After running the above command, it returned an IP address that meant nothing to me. It was pulling its time from some other server and that was the source of the problem.

    You can ask Windows for its Windows Time configuration. It’s not very informative if everything is working properly but gives you something to compare to a working computer.

    Hope this information can help you
    Best wishes

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  1. Dave Patrick 341.5K Reputation points MVP

  2. Dave Patrick 341.5K Reputation points MVP

    What issues are you having? Some general info

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  3. Dave Patrick 341.5K Reputation points MVP

    On the problem member you can;

    w32tm /unregister
    net stop w32time
    w32tm /register
    net start w32time
    w32tm /config /syncfromflags:domhier /update
    net stop w32time
    net start w32time
    then check
    w32tm /query /source
    w32tm /query /configuration

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