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We are trying to implement HTTPS protocol for getting a file from a device and putting a file on a device. We are currently using .net framework 4.5 and it is a WPF application. We need to use the below two cipher suites on TLS:

    Can anyone please let us know how we can implement this?

We have attached the code that we have written for getting a file from a device and putting a file on a device in the question.

Any help would be very helpful.
Thank you!49032-getfile.txt48934-putfile.txt

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    After investigation, we found that cipher suites can only be specified in .NET 5 and must be in Linux or macOS.
    If you use Linux or macOS with OpenSSL 1.1.1 or later, you can initialize an instance of the CipherSuitesPolicy class and use it like this:

                if (!RuntimeInformation.IsOSPlatform(OSPlatform.Linux))  
                    stream.AuthenticateAsClient("*", x509Certificate2Collection, sslProtocol, sslCertRevocationCheck);  
                    //stream.AuthenticateAsClient("*", x509Certificate2Collection, sslProtocol, sslCertRevocationCheck);  
                    var sslClientOptions = new SslClientAuthenticationOptions()  
                        CertificateRevocationCheckMode = sslCertRevocationCheck ? X509RevocationMode.Offline : X509RevocationMode.NoCheck,  
                        ClientCertificates = x509Certificate2Collection,  
                        EnabledSslProtocols = sslProtocol,  
                        TargetHost = "*",  
                        RemoteCertificateValidationCallback = ClientValidatingServerCertificate,  
                        LocalCertificateSelectionCallback = FixClientCertificate,  
                        //Initialize an instance of the CipherSuitesPolicy class.  
                        CipherSuitesPolicy = new CipherSuitesPolicy(new List<TlsCipherSuite>() { Enum.Parse<TlsCipherSuite>(cipherSpec) })  
                    TrText(method, $"Setting Cipher for AuthenticateAsClient {string.Join(':', sslClientOptions.CipherSuitesPolicy.AllowedCipherSuites)}");  

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