Best practice for using CosmosDB changefeed in WPF

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Today we use a Azure SQL database to store our orders and other data.
The Client is a WPF app, to check for changes the app is as it is now pulling the database for changes every minute.

I have been looking into changing our database to CosmosDB as the document database scheme will fit nicely with our data structure. CosmosDB has the changefeed and I would like to use that to check for changes and preferably change from a pull to a push approach for the app.

I was looking into doing it serverless and then us Azure functions to get the changes from the change feed and then use SignalR to push the changes to the app.

Now my question, is this a good approach, and also what happens if the user hibernates his PC and then starts it up again, will he then get all the changes that has happened since last or do I need to use another approach?

If this is a good approach is there any good guides for using Azure SignalR in a wpf app, I can only find for using it on ASP, and also alot of them seem to be outdated.


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Azure Functions
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  1. Navtej Singh Saini 4,216 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Kasper Mathiesen

    Here is what our Product teams has replied:

    "Regarding the query, it is quite high level – so although it looks a “good approach”, there are still a lot of design decisions that the customer could take that could rapidly turn it into a “bad approach” 😊
    That said, at a high level, it seems customer has decided that data structure fits well with a document oriented database, and seems to have identified a pretty good use case for Change Feed."

    Here we will advise you to create POC and check the use case is working for you before you move to doing the same for production.

    Navtej S