usage of IoTHubDeviceClient_LL_DeviceMethodResponse In C client device IoT Hub SDK


I am looking for support since there is not much information online, I am trying to program an ESP32 microcontroller using the C SDK port for the Arduino framework, by connecting it to a central IoT App.

I managed to make the device respond to the call of a method through a command sent from central IoT but I have not been able to send a response from the device to the cloud, I would infinitely appreciate if someone could explain to me how "IoTHubDeviceClient_LL_DeviceMethodResponse" works

Thanks for your time and patience!

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  1. António Sérgio Azevedo 7,666 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Thank you for asking your question here @Anonymous !

    If you research on the azure iot sdk for C you will find some samples and there is one explaining how Direct Methods work:

    Here is the piece of code that you should pay attention for your described scenario:

    static int deviceMethodCallback(const char* method_name, const unsigned char* payload, size_t size, unsigned char** response, size_t* response_size, void* userContextCallback)  
        int result;  
        if (strcmp("getCarVIN", method_name) == 0)  
            const char deviceMethodResponse[] = "{ \"Response\": \"1HGCM82633A004352\" }";  
            *response_size = sizeof(deviceMethodResponse)-1;  
            *response = malloc(*response_size);  
            (void)memcpy(*response, deviceMethodResponse, *response_size);  
            result = 200;  
            // All other entries are ignored.  
            const char deviceMethodResponse[] = "{ }";  
            *response_size = sizeof(deviceMethodResponse)-1;  
            *response = malloc(*response_size);  
            (void)memcpy(*response, deviceMethodResponse, *response_size);  
            result = -1;  
        return result;  

    Would strongly advise you to take a look at the following doc as well to better Understand how to invoke direct methods from IoT Hub:

    Despites mentioning IoT Hub, would work the same for IoT Central since the technology behind IoT Central is using IoT Hub ;).

    Hope I could help you continue with your project.


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