Freshly created 'Start/Stop VM' runbook is nowhere to be found

Andrej Zupan 101 Reputation points

Hi, noob here.

I've created 'Start/Stop VM' runbook here:

Now, it's not shown among other resources, but it must be somewhere, because when I try to create it again, I get the following error:

  "telemetryId": "dc6443a6-bc42-4b1f-9ad8-4ebd3646835c",
  "bladeInstanceId": "Blade_f40e63de401c422599e6b7b857dce7f7_2_0",
  "galleryItemId": "Microsoft.StartStopVMSolution",
  "createBlade": "NewGallerySolutionV3Blade",
  "code": "InvalidResourceLocation",
  "message": "The resource 'ScheduledStartStop_Parent' already exists in location 'eastus' in resource group 'Securities-Grid-Resources'. A resource with the same name cannot be created in location 'westeurope'. Please select a new resource name."
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  1. Andrej Zupan 101 Reputation points

    Workspace recycle bin is empty, I'm afraid.

    There is no "Show Hidden" button in Runbook list

    When I tried to create Start/Stop VM again, things got even weirder. I've entered dates & times correctly, as far as I can tell, but I keep getting this error:

    {"telemetryId":"96b823ff-7ef3-4d1a-ab07-c65b5549f6aa","bladeInstanceId":"Blade_2c78b14dbaba42e79a647db7cfcd9316_2_0","galleryItemId":"Microsoft.StartStopVMSolution","createBlade":"NewGallerySolutionV3Blade","code":"InvalidTemplate","message":"Deployment template validation failed: 'The value for the template parameter 'Daily Start Time' at line '1' and column '2352' is not provided. Please see for usage details.'.","additionalInfo":[{"type":"TemplateViolation","info":{"lineNumber":1,"linePosition":2352,"path":"parameters['Daily Start Time']"}}]}  


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  1. BhargaviAnnadevara-MSFT 5,461 Reputation points

    @Andrej Zupan Apologies if my previous comment did not convey the message clearly. The Show hidden types checkbox is available from within the Overview blade of the Resource Group view, as shown in the screenshot below:


    Please wipe the resource group clean with this checkbox selected (unhide all resources in the resource group > Select all > Delete) before any attempt to recreate the solution in the same resource group.

    I'm looking at the possible causes for the newer template deployment validation error that you shared.

    On a side note, please note that for the Target ResourceGroup Names (string) parameter (in the Parameters blade), enter Resource Group names that contains VMs to be managed by this solution, and not the one where the solution is being deployed.

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