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Is it possible to programmatically (C# preferred but C++ also ok) play/pause a video played by Movies & TV and also get other information about the playback, like Title, ...?

I know only two ways and both have a huge problem.

  1. Play/Pause by sending virtual keys (VK_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE 0xB3). But it has the same problem as Method 2.
  2. Set PlaybackState of a GlobalSystemMediaTransportControlsSession using C#.

Both depend on media sessions. Method 1 plays/pauses the current session. Method 2 plays/pauses a specific session. But if I pause and minimize Movies & TV, after about 10 seconds the session is closed and neither Method 1 or 2 works.

So is there a method to check if Movies & TV currently plays something and if so to play/pause the playback?

Session Closes Problem:


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  1. Timon Yang-MSFT 9,571 Reputation points

    I found the cause of this problem. The system thought that you would not use Movies & TV for the time being, and thus suspended it. You can see its status in Task Manager.

    Movies & TV is an UWP application, in order to do so to save system resources, such as energy and CPU usage, UWP applications have been coded to allow the system to suspend this application.

    Although we know the reason, I am afraid that we cannot use programming methods to prevent it from falling into a suspended state. After all, we cannot modify the code of Movies & TV.

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