How to see if CfReportSyncStatus works?

Diakov Dmytro 1 Reputation point

Using CfReportSyncStatus does not provide any result. It returns S_OK HRESULT (as mentioned in decumentation it means that operation is success). But I cannot see any result in Windows Explorer.
I am using Windows 10.
I am using the next code:

uint descLen = (uint)(message.Length + 1) * 2;

var ss = new CF_SYNC_STATUS { StructSize = (uint)Marshal.SizeOf<CF_SYNC_STATUS>() + descLen, Code = (uint)code, DescriptionLength = descLen };

var mem = new SafeHGlobalHandle(Marshal.SizeOf<CF_SYNC_STATUS>() + descLen);


StringHelper.Write(message, ((IntPtr)mem).Offset(Marshal.SizeOf<CF_SYNC_STATUS>()), out _, true, CharSet.Unicode, descLen);

`CfReportSyncStatus(Engine.Path, mem);


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Windows API - Win32
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  1. Drake Wu - MSFT 991 Reputation points

    Hi, @Diakov Dmytro According to the Remarks:

    ...the information will be remembered on the sync root,... The platform will query this information upon any failed operations on a cloud file placeholder...

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