Where did VB questions go?

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Told that VB has migrated but as with this site it is not apparent.

An object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft that is implemented on the .NET Framework. Previously known as Visual Basic .NET.
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  2. Vaibhav Chaudhari 38,671 Reputation points

    I don't think they will migrate all of the existing questions posted on previous MSDN forum. But they do appear if you search for question in search bar.

    Going forward this QnA is the new forum which users have to use

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  3. Karen Payne MVP 35,286 Reputation points

    Hello @Lloyd Sheen

    The former MSDN forums had many issues ranging from maintaining the site to not a responsive design to work with mobile devices and was bound to old style HTML. Here in the new forums things work pretty much like Stackoverflow site works, by tags.

    There are a few forums still under MSDN but eventually they will move here too.

    Once you have a tag e.g. dotnet-visual-basic you can hover over the tag and select "follow"


    Then under your profile, select "following" to see tagged items which you can click on to go to them.

    Finally, under your profile, settings turn on Q&A email notifications to get notifications when someone responses to your question.

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  4. Leroy 46 Reputation points

    My question is Why is Visual basic (the original programming language) being leverage out of Microsoft?
    Today there are many programming languages in the world currently in use as well as the mass migration to the python platform ... which would not have been possible if Visual Basic had become Open source much longer ago! as well as Microsoft Dumping visual basic to Enforce the use of C# .....
    Again Microsoft MISSES EVERYTHING!...... The visual basic Readable language vs the C# Cryptic language or Conformist language.
    We have recently heard and seen publications of the drop of visual basic and now it is heavily seen on the new Microsoft sites as the help / MSDN / TUTORIALS and functionality of visual basic is being made to pay!

    Basic originally Ran like python and could be executed on the fly and today Microsoft have still refused to create a repl for visual basic which would have been massively comparable and easier to use for Microsoft users instead of PYTHON which noticeably Microsoft have been utilizing now ???? WHY! anything that can be done in oython can be done in visual basic and any type of co0mponent which can be shared as a library can now be shared over nuget ...
    So Again Why the drop of the support for Visual basic? As we cannot connect to UNITY EITHER? but any .DOT.NET product should connect to EVERY OTHER .DOTNET PRODUCT? ....

    Today visual basic is the tramp of a programming languages which it was a flagship and standard for every spinoff today!

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