Microsoft Authenticator does not refresh properly

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I have Authenticator for Android installed on a Galaxy Note 20U and have added an account to a network device using a barcode. Logging in works fine the first time. When I return a day or two latter the 2-factor fails. The time sync between the two devices is less than 4 seconds apart.

I notice that MS Authenticator fails to refresh properly. By that I mean, after the 30 seconds has expired the same code is displayed for a second 30 seconds. If I hit the back arrow and go back into the device code within the 30 seconds the code is different. That is to say, Authenticator does not to display the new code unless I manually refresh.

I have performed the usual basic fault finding; uninstalled and reinstalled, reset the device account using a new onetime code etc. The problem does happen with other accounts (for a cloud provider account for example).

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
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