cin/cout and other functins becomes ambiguous in Visual Studio 2019

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Sometimes when I am coding in C++ I got errors that cin/cout and some others are ambiguous like the image below but my program has no problems at all. It gets build, compile and run without any problem.
To remove those errors I have to reopen my file. Is this a bug?


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  1. WayneAKing 4,356 Reputation points

    To remove those errors I have to reopen my file.

    When this happens, have you tried rescanning the solution rather than closing
    and reopening the file?

    Rescan should be found under the Project menu, and also on the popup menu
    when you right-click on the source window in the IDE.

    Sometimes the database used by Intellisense doesn't get updated automatically
    and promptly after some changes in the source. A Rescan forces that to happen.

    • Wayne

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