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I'm trying to create an event into a calendar that mocks an event created directly on Microsoft Teams. So basically when you create an event via Microsoft Teams you can specify the group & the channel that must be part of the event.
I'm using the proper endpoint:
This is the info I'm passing as post request :

    subject:"Event Subjct",  
    isOrganizer: true,  
    start: {  
        timeZone:"Pacific Standard Time"  
    end: {  
        timeZone:"Pacific Standard Time"  
    isAllDay: false,  
    allowNewTimeProposals: true,  
    isOnlineMeeting: true,  
    attendees: {  
            emailAddress: {  
                address:"<groupName@emailaddress.ext>", <-- got directly from Azure  
    hideAttendees: false,  
    type: "singleInstance",  
    transactionId: "<UNIQUE_ID>",  
    onlineMeetingProvider: "teamsForBusiness"  

Note: all values between <..> are placeholder.

The event is correctly created but there's no reference on the Team channel group specified in the attendees field. I've search the definition of attendees array and there's nothing specific to note a group+channel in the attendee collection :

Any help?

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  1. Unai Gutierrez Arechaga 1 Reputation point

    @Nikitha-MSFT Hi. I have the same problem here. I need to create programmatically an event or online meeting related or linked to specific channel. Is there any solution for this scenario? Is there some kind of roadmap to archieve this?