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App Service Certificate - Remove Subject Alternative Name


When you create an App Service Certificate two Subject Alternative Name's are created on the certificate. For example you create a certificate for and there will be the Subject Alternative Name's and

This is normally desirable as the certificate will be valid for the www and non-www URL's. However I have registered a certificate for a specific application rather than a website so my certificate has the Subject Alternative Name's and

I would like to remove the www. SAN. One because I don't need it to be there and it is causing me issues with my application.

I have found that most places where you can buy a similar certificate will allow you to add/remove SAN's and rekey the certificate. But I can't find out if/how this is possible with Azure's certificates. For example here are Godaddy's steps to do what I am after


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"it is causing me issues with my application", and then what are the issues? You might easily find workarounds without changing the certificate.

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