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Looking for a good book that lists the C++ commands and arguments with a description of each, i.e.:

command getline(a,b,c); used in C++ to get input data from the console or from a file. When accessing the file data, the end of a record is depicted when the eof character is sensed or the end of character, parameter 3(c) is detected. The eof character is "xxx".

Not sure if the above statement is true but trying to purchase a document that will provide the above information for every C++ command. Anyone have ideas where I can get and the name of book and author? Specifically, using Visual Studio, 2019 software by Microsoft. Sid Kraft

A high-level, general-purpose programming language, created as an extension of the C programming language, that has object-oriented, generic, and functional features in addition to facilities for low-level memory manipulation.
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  1. Sid Kraft 21 Reputation points

    Castorix31: Yes, I am aware of this site but it still does not go into the detail that I want, does not describe the specifics of how getline(a,b,c) works. Does not specifically says that it stops when an EOR is reached not what EOR represents either octal or in Hex!! That is why I asked if anyone knows of a reference DOCUMENT that does go into a better explanation. Thanks, Sid Kraft

  2. WayneAKing 4,256 Reputation points

    I'm sure nobody can read your mind and get a solid grasp of exactly
    what would satisfy your curiosity. If you're looking for specifics
    about the internal construction of functions such as getline (of
    which there are two versions) that is pretty much defined by the

    If you want that kind of low-level detail, there are source code
    repositories for different implementations available for public
    consumption. For example, the gnu/gcc libs source code can be
    found on the web, and MS VC++ libraries have been made open source
    so should be available on the web (see GitHub).

    Now if that's too much detail (the porridge is too hot or too cold),
    then reading the ISO C++ Standard may be more to your liking. But such
    language standards are not meant for consumption by the general public.
    They are primarily for the use of compiler implementors.

    One of the best online sources for details about each C++ function,
    etc. is

    Examples - the two different getline functions:



    • Wayne
  3. Ahmed Saber 1 Reputation point

    I don't have books , but these websites can help you