What is the best way in .Net to handle authentication & authorization protocols for downloading a file via https

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Hi all;

We need to implement pretty much every common authentication & authorization protocol for both reading files and OData queries from a url via https. We need this for both .Net Framework & .Net Core.

Is there a way to do this generically in the .Net runtime? Or is there a listing somewhere of how to call .Net to get this.

Or any other ways to solve this problem?

thanks - dave

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.NET Runtime
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  1. Jerry Cai-MSFT 986 Reputation points


    You can use WebClient.DownloadFile() to download the file from url and set authentication at the same time, like:


    using (System.Net.WebClient wc = new System.Net.WebClient())  
    	wc.Headers.Add("Cookie: Authentication=user"); // add a cookie header to the request  
    		string filename = System.Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N"); // use global unique identifier for file name to avoid conflicts  
    		wc.DownloadFile("http://www.prowaretech.com/", "C:\\files\\" + filename); // could add file extension here  
    		// do something with file  
    	catch (System.Exception ex)  
    		// check exception object for the error  

    Best Regards,
    Jerry Cai

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