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Hello there,
I'm facing an issue when i try to deploy Word press on Linux in Azure in a new ressource group. i've tried in France Central and North Europe.
The deployment fail with an error on the Webapp and the following details :

Edit : i just found my problem :) It was du to the portal app. I've tried in standard web browser and it worked :)

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  1. answered 2019-12-03T06:25:35.693+00:00
    ajkuma 13,366 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @JulienMAURIER-5459, Welcome to Microsoft Q&A! Thanks for posting the question and sharing the solution that worked for you.

    For benefiting the community, summarizing the scenario:

    Scenario: Unable to deploy Wordpress on Linux App Service WebApp.
    Error: The deployment shows the following error.

      "code": "DeploymentFailed",
      "message": "At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see for usage details.",
      "details": [
          "code": "Conflict",
          "message": "{\r\n  \"Code\": \"Conflict\",\r\n  \"Message\": \"Parameter with name DATABASE_HOST already exists.\",\r\n  \"Target\": null,\r\n  \"Details\": [\r\n    {\r\n      \"Message\": \"Parameter with name DATABASE_HOST already exists.\"\r\n    },\r\n    {\r\n      \"Code\": \"Conflict\"\r\n    },\r\n    {\r\n      \"ErrorEntity\": {\r\n        \"ExtendedCode\": \"01013\",\r\n        \"MessageTemplate\": \"Parameter with name {0} already exists.\",\r\n        \"Parameters\": [\r\n          \"DATABASE_HOST\"\r\n        ],\r\n        \"Code\": \"Conflict\",\r\n        \"Message\": \"Parameter with name DATABASE_HOST already exists.\"\r\n      }\r\n    }\r\n  ],\r\n  \"Innererror\": null\r\n}"

    Typically, the error message may occur if you're using the database host name which already exists. In this case, use a different host/parameter name so there is no name conflict.

    Solution that helped- "It was du to the portal app. I've tried in standard web browser and it worked :) " (Copied from the "Edit" on the post).

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