SharePoint Auto-Removes from groups... Permission Issue???

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Hello Everyone,

I have been working an issue for the past month on our SharePoint. I get added to specific groups, for example.. Finance SharePoint, and HRO SharePoint with full control permissions. I have the ability to add documents and read/write on everything. Everything works as advertised. That is until I attempt to edit a powerpoint. As soon as I click edit PowerPoint (both in powerpoint or online), I get auto removed from all sharepoints and loose all my permissions.

I thought this was one specific PowerPoint, so we created a test PowerPoint and I attempted to do the same thing and still lost all my permissions. Its like there is an implicit Deny All and it kicks me out of all the groups and permissions I had access to. I am hoping someone has seen this issue and its an easy fix. Thanks


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  1. ChelseaWu-MSFT 6,316 Reputation points

    Hi Brad, thank you for posting in the Q&A forum.

    I would like to confirm a few things with you:

    1. Do you see this behavior when trying to edit other documents (Word/Excel, etc.) in this library?
    2. Do you have unique permissions on the issued document that might conflict with your current permission?
    3. Does this issue happen only to you or also to other groups members?
    4. Did you see any error message in PowerPoint (client/Online) when you lose SharePoint permissions? What if you open the file in Read-Only mode?

    SharePoint permissions do not get removed automatically on mentioned actions.
    I would suggest you remove this account from the SharePoint group and grant it direct access to this site/library/document instead. Check if the issue persists after that.

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  1. Brad Lewis 21 Reputation points

    Thank you for the reply Chelsea,

    1. I verified it happens with all documents (PP, Word, Excel) when I am not the creator. I get added to the admin group and when I open and/or edit any document, I can refresh the page and I am removed from the group.
    2. I do not have unique permission on any of the issued documents. We have started with test documents with the same results. I learned that inherited perms on files is messing it up. I can create a file and interact as expected.
    3. I am the only one in the group that is having this issue. Not sure if its an Auth issue because we use Common Access Cards and I select my PKI cert to open and edit documents?
    4. When I open any document that I did not create it gives me the "edit in PowerPoint" option. I click it and select my cert.. it attempts to open it and I receive the "you dont have permissions or the file has been deleted or moved" error.

    We have verified that I have been removed from all groups and only given edit access to a test powerpoint.. as soon as I click edit it asks for my cert and then I get the error stated in 4. This will also kick me out of any groups, including admin groups, if I am assigned to them.

    I have no idea why I get kicked out of all the groups I am assigned to when I attempt to open any documents that I did not create. Thanks again for the help and please keep the ideas coming as I am willing to try anything to get this resolved.