ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'azureml'

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I am doing the Challenge.

Please see what I have installed:

pip install azureml-sdk

I am getting the following messages at the end:

ERROR: After October 2020 you may experience errors when installing or updating packages. This is because pip will change the way that it resolves dependency conflicts.

We recommend you use --use-feature=2020-resolver to test your packages with the new resolver before it becomes the default.

jupyterlab 2.2.9 requires jupyterlab-server<2.0,>=1.1.5, which is not installed.
Successfully installed applicationinsights-0.11.9 azure-identity-1.4.1 azureml-automl-core-1.19.0 azureml-dataprep-2.6.3 azureml-dataprep-native-26.0.0 azureml-dataprep-rslex-1.4.0 azureml-dataset-runtime-1.19.0.post1 azureml-pipeline-1.19.0 azureml-pipeline-core-1.19.0 azureml-pipeline-steps-1.19.0 azureml-sdk-1.19.0 azureml-telemetry-1.19.0 azureml-train-1.19.0 azureml-train-automl-client-1.19.0 azureml-train-core-1.19.0 azureml-train-restclients-hyperdrive-1.19.0 distro-1.5.0 dotnetcore2-2.1.20 fusepy-3.0.1 msal-1.8.0 msal-extensions-0.2.2 numpy-1.19.3 portalocker-1.7.1 pyarrow-1.0.1 pywin32-227

Now I am trying to start up and type the following in .py file in Visual Studio Code

from azureml.core import Workspace

This is the error message I am getting:

File "c:/Users/User/OneDrive/Desktop/New folder/Build AI Solution/", line 1, in <module>
from azureml.core import Workspace
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'azureml'

Please could you help me?



Azure Machine Learning
Azure Machine Learning
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  1. romungi-MSFT 29,791 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Naveen From the above error it looks like the package did not install successfully. Could you please try to downgrade jupyterlab to a version >=1.1.5 but <2.0 and try to re-install the azureml SDK? Currently you are using jupyterlab 2.2.9

    A more detailed procedure to install the SDK is available directly in the documentation.

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