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Johannes Werkman 116 Reputation points

Hi, How can I find my co-workers and follow them, so I can see there earned points? And can see (as there teamleader) how they are proceeding? (a)

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  1. Anonymous

    You can search out / locate QnA forums users here.

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  2. Jeff Lacarte 6 Reputation points

    It wasn't entirely obvious to me either. I finally figured it out though. To actually use the follow feature you need to click the "follow" button from the list of search results. If you click their username and go to their profile there is no follow button (which is where I would expect it to be).

    So to answer go to:

    2. Q&A tab
    3. Users (from sub-navigation)
    4. Search for their full name (not username since that would take you straight to their profile)
    5. Click the follow button from the search results.
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  3. Kerstin Eichling 1 Reputation point

    Many thanks! :-)

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