Can I move media cache to another location?

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When we use controls like Image or MediaElement, it uses "%packageId%/AC/INetCache" folder (and it seems like also INetHistory folder) as cache store.
And sometimes users of my application ask me, if application can move cache to some another folder (another disk or even to RAM).
I found, that those folders are used by WinRT HttpClient (see windows-toolkit/WindowsCommunityToolkit#1281). But is there some way to change cache folder?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. James Dailey - MSFT 336 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    No there is no way to move the HttpClient cache programmatically using the UWP technologies. You could theoretically move it manually but that is not something that Microsoft recommends or supports.

    That said, are you using a true streaming protocol like MPEG DASH or HLS? True streaming protocols typically implement their own caching mechanism and are much more efficient than simply using progressive download from an HTTP repository on a web host.

    In other words, always use a true streaming protocol like MPEG DASH or HLS to avoid potential issues with the Inet Cache.


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