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I am new to Azure. We setup a General purpose, serverless Gen5 Azure SQL Database. Under General it says the IOPS range is 500 - 20,000. So we can can have 1 to 40 vCores. So if you do the math that should mean that you get 500 IOPS per core. So one core would be 500 and 40 would be 20,000.

However when looking at this link it states that the 40 vCore only has a max data IOPs of 12,800. That is a huge difference. Which is correct and why the huge discrepancy?

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  1. Alberto Morillo 27,876 Reputation points MVP

    The real information about IOPS for your current Azure Serverless configuration can be found on the result of below query on that database.

    SELECT * FROM sys.dm_user_db_resource_governance

    And not only about IOPS but you will find information related to maximum memory too.

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  1. Anurag Sharma 17,386 Reputation points

    Hi @gpfeifer , apologies for responding late and thanks a lot for your patience.

    To answer it, what we see on Azure Portal is mostly the correct description of Max IOPS which is 20000 in this case. Any updates in the product is rightly updated in the Azure Portal but sometimes there is lag in updating the same on document/article.

    I have reached out to the content author on the same topic already and escalated this. I will update this thread at the earliest when we receive the response back.

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