Ubuntu teams app creating damages to system keyboard during call

Adithyan K 16 Reputation points

Microsoft teams application in ubuntu is creating below trouble when a teams call is in progress.

If a keyboard button is pressed in any application, hundreds of that character is appearing in the application. It happens in all the applications (text editor, browser, teams chat window itself), etc

This should be resolved as soon as possible please

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  1. Adithyan K 16 Reputation points

    Hi @JimmyYang-8258 ,

    I dont know what environment conditions make the difference. In our organization, I have seen 3 persons having this issue. Not sure how many more have this problem.

    I am able to consistently reproduce this issue with the above sequence.


    Is there any log files of teams app produces which, if I share to you, will be useful to you for diagnosis...?

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  2. zerepe 6 Reputation points

    Same problem here.
    Lenovo L580
    Ubuntu 18.04.4, Kernel 5.3.0-51
    Keyboard locks if initiated calls or videocall.
    After finishing call, keyboard is not responding and needs to restart the Teams application to recover control.
    Really annoying...

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  3. Harsimran Bedi 6 Reputation points

    I am facing the same issue on Ubuntu 18.04 , Lenovo L480 , Teams latest version while doing screenshare and video call. Audio call works fine.

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  4. JimmyYang-MSFT 49,811 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi AdithyanK-7199!
    Does anyone else have the same issue in your organization?
    What is your Ubuntu Version? 16.04 or 18.04?
    I did a test in my environment but did not reproduce your issue. In order to make sure if it is a known issue, would you mind provide me detailed steps about this issue? I will follow these steps to see if it can be reproduced in my environment.
    Besides, it recommends you try to update your client version to the newest to see if this issue still persists.

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  5. Adithyan K 16 Reputation points

    Hi @JimmyYang-8258 ,

    Thakns for your response.

    My Ubuntu Version is 19.10.
    You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit).

    This is the lates teams app version for ubuntu as per this page https://products.office.com/en-in/microsoft-teams/download-app

    Another person from my organization is also having the same issue. His ubuntu version is 18.04.

    We both reproduced this issue twice by following steps...

    1. Open Teams Ubuntu
    2. Call another person (say person-b)
    3. Wait till he answers the call
    4. After he attends, ask him to share his screen
    5. Wait till you see his screen
    6. Now, open any other application (say web browser, text editor, etc)
    7. Type a single character, say 'a'
    8. You may notice that the character is kept appearing lot of times. You can verify the same by typing other characters
    9. Continue following the below steps if the effect is not that bad
    10. Come back the team app. Click 'Chat' from the left side dark blue bar
    11. Click some other person (say person-c) and type some msg (say 'hi')
    12. Now, you can evidently see the effect explained in point-8.
    13. As a bonus effect, the touchpad of my Lenovo Thinkpad laptop stopped working. The mouse arrow does not move when i move my finger on it.
    14. I did quit teams app (after lot of difficulty)
    15. Now, keyboard came back to normalcy immediately
    16. The touchpad function restored only after 5 mins

    Pls give a feedback after following the above steps, whether the issue is reproduced...!

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